How to Setup a Cisco re1000 Wireless N Range Extender without the Installation CD

Linksys wifi Extender Setup

Oops! Lost the installation CD that came along with your Linksys device? What you are going to do now? Well, you really don’t have to worry because you can easily go with Cisco range extender setup without CD too.

Without CD means that you can easily configure your device by going through simple easy to execute manual steps.

Here, in this post, we are going to explain some handy Linksys range extender setup instructions for the easy configuration of your re1000 wireless N range extender. Let’s carry on.

But, we insist you to follow some steps given-below prior to going with the setup process of cisco re100 wireless N range extender

  • Ensure that you have the network name (SSID) and password handy with you to access Linksys extender login page.

  • Make sure that you have some information about your wireless settings.

  • Ethernet cable to connect your devices with each other.

  • A paper clip or pin in case you have to reset your Linksys device.

After donning with all the aforementioned things, you can proceed further to set up your Linksys re1000 range extender

  • Unbox your cisco re1000 WiFi range extender and plug it into a power outlet.

  • After a few minutes, grab a smart device computer or a laptop and plug it into a wall socket closer to your WiFi range extender.

linksys extender login

  • Connect then both with each other physically and properly through an Ethernet cable.

  • Also, make sure that your existing WiFi router is placed near to your Cisco device.

  • Now, load up a web browser and type into its address bar. In case the mentioned URL doesn’t redirect you to Linksys range extender login page, then you can log in via the default IP address of your Linksys device.

  • Once you are in, enter the login credentials when prompt. Fill all the details carefully and Login.

  • After a successful login, tap on Wireless settings tab and after that, tap on the basic wireless settings tab.

  • Here, you have to make sure that the ‘configuration view’ is set to ‘manual’. Once you have selected the ‘manual ‘ tab from the ‘configuration’ option, select the SSID.

  • From here, you can easily select the main wireless settings for your Cisco re1000 wireless range extender.

  • Enter your network password here and save the entire settings made by you by clicking on the ‘save settings’ option.

Finally, disconnect all the wires and devices connected with your range extender, after that, unplug it and place it anywhere you want.

linksys wifi extender login

Also, make sure of the following things

  • Your main WiFi router should be up-to-date. It shouldn’t be overheated with a load of junk files and malware.

  • Extender and the router supposed to be placed a higher, cool, dry and a dust-free shelf.

  • The internet browser you are using to access the web-based setup page of Linksys WiFi range extender should be up-to-date, relevant, and all clear from browsing history, cache, and the cookies.

  • The electricity during the setup process should be normal.

  • Interference-creating obstructions like microwave, refrigerator, baby monitors, Bluetooth speakers, dishwasher, automatic garage opener, walls, doors, public WiFi, windows, metal and electronic gadgets, treadmill, etc. shouldn’t be in reach of your Cisco device.

  • Make use of new Ethernet cables to connect your devices with each other.

  • Ensure that to have the correct credentials i.e. username and password for login.

If you still have questions on how to set up Cisco WiFi extender, then do not hesitate in asking us for Linksys extender support by dialing a toll-free number 1-844-726-2726.

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