Important Tips for Boosting the Existing Wi-Fi Signal Strength

Nowadays, the internet has become a necessity rather than just the need in our lives. Either it is shopping; transferring documents, doing business, chatting with your friends, or recharging the cell phone, there is not even a single task where internet is not required. Not only this, without internet you can’t even easily access and complete the task of linksys extender setup successfully.


Moreover, if you have a laptop, desktop or a cell phone, you can connect all these devices through a secured Wi-Fi, as the extender lets you easily connect multiple devices together within a particular area. Don’t worry this suppose to be completely safe and reliable.

Though, using Wi-Fi is pretty much frustrating due to its low signal strength and connectivity. Well, despite many efforts, the signal strength isn’t improved so far. In that case, if you are experiencing the same issue, then you have arrived at the right place. Yes, we at have come up with the list of best ways to boost the signal strength of your existing Wi-Fi network. Let’s get started.

Here are Some Best and Finest Ways to Boost Wi-Fi Signal Strength

Choose a Perfect Place for your Router

Well, you might have noticed that in some rooms of your house the internet/ Wi-Fi signal is full, while in other rooms there is lack of signal strength. So, the foremost reason behind this may be that you haven’t chosen an accurate place for your existing router. So, when you place your router behind a device/ wall or within a closed room, the internet signals will be blocked and this will ultimately result in poor and worst signal strength. To fix this issue, make sure to place the router near the center of your house at a higher shelf or table so that it can broadcast the signal in every direction with the same and equal strength.

Finally, this will ultimately boost the strength of your existing Wi-Fi network. If you still find that your Wi-Fi signal strength is low, call our customer care desk and get immediate assistance. You just have to dial a toll-free number 1-844-726-2726 and free yourself from all worries and troubles. On the other hand, you can also ask our executives for Linksys Range Extender Setup Instructions.

Lift the Router off the Ground

When you lay your router, make sure that you lift it up off the ground or floor. In this way, the Wi-Fi signals can easily penetrate from some obstructions like metal objects and concrete walls and you can get the best signal strength ever. Else, if you place it on the ground your signals will be absorbed by these materials and the signal strength will ultimately get decreased (slower and poorer).

Place Your Router at a Distance from Other Electronic Appliances

If you find a place for your router near electronic appliances like TV, computers, security alarms, cordless phones, microwaves, and baby monitors, etc. you will find that your router’s Wi-Fi signal strength automatically got decreased. The reason behind this frustrating issue is quite simple; these devices have their own signals that can mess with the router’s Wi-Fi signals and eventually reduce them. So, to fix this issue make sure to place your router away from other electronic appliances and metal gadgets. Remember that interference of such devices won’t allow you to access Linksys Extender Login page.

linksys wifi range extender

Point the Antennas in Different Directions

Wi-Fi routers generally have two or more than two antennas (inbuilt). If you place the antennas in same directions, the signals will not be equally distributed and you wouldn’t get proper signal strength everywhere. For best results, consider pointing the antennas of your Wi-Fi router in different directions.

“Note: It is best to keep the antennas of your wireless router in straight-vertical position.”

Control bandwidth-Hogging Applications

Some applications like video chats, playing online games, torrent files, or using services like Netflix can ultimately drop your existing internet strength. Such huge applications result in slow and sluggish Wi-Fi network. For the best result, get rid of such bandwidth-hogging applications by avoiding or controlling them.

You can also ask our tech support team for a brief description.

Secure Your Wi-Fi Router Password

The main reason behind reduced Wi-Fi signal can be that some people in your neighborhood have controlled your router password and they are accessing your internet and Linksys Cloud Account without your permission. Yes, there are plenty of ways to get internet password. So, it is strictly recommended to protect your router with a safe and strong password. Moreover, you can use various techniques to secure your wireless router like blocking the IP address of the devices illegally using or accessing your network, using advanced protection methods and many more.

Our article of Important Tips for Boosting Wi-Fi Signal Strength ends here. Without any worry and hesitation, you can use these tips to boost your existing Wi-Fi signals and enjoy internet connectivity all over the house. The entire above mentioned tips are very effective, trust us they will absolutely/ surely come handy.

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